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Veterinarian Board Certified in Canine and Feline Practice
Doctor David RobertsDavid Roberts,

Doctor Roberts founded the Manchester West Veterinary Hospital in 1993 . He's a 1986 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.
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Doctor Mary StauderMary Stauder,

Doctor Stauder is a St. Louis native, a 1987 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.
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Doctor Matthew BechtelMatthew Bechtel, DVM
Doctor Bechtel is a 2002 graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine.
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Linda Wright

Linda Wright celebrates 20 years + at Manchester West! Read more.

Manchester West Veterinary Hospital

We appreciate the trust and confidence you show by bringing your pets to us. Our clients often regard their pets as family members. We understand this and strive to care for our patients and clients with the utmost empathy, compassion and skill. We care for your pet as if he were our own.

February is Dental Health Month!

As you probably know, February is traditionally Dental Health Month. Your petís dental health isnít all about pretty white teeth and fresh breath. Itís really about the amount of bacteria laden tarter that has adhered to your petís teeth and gums. Itís about how much of that deadly bacteria is entering your petís blood supply through their gumline. And itís about how much damage that bacteria can do to organs such as your petís liver, kidneys and heart (the valves are particularly susceptible!).

At Manchester West we do not recommend dental prophylaxis procedures lightly as there is a mild anesthesia involved. But we do strongly recommend this procedure when your petís teeth and gums have reached a stage where the bacterial load is a risk to your petís health. Once your pet reaches this stage; it is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when.

Dental Health for your pet is as easy as 1 2 3. So letís get started!

1. Have your petís dental health evaluated at least annually. At Manchester West we grade teeth/gums 1 through 4. Grade 1 Ė no action needed except to continue home care. Between Grade 2 and Grade 3 our veterinarians will typically recommend a dental prophylaxis. Grade 4 Ė your pet will not only need a dental prophylaxis but in all likelihood tooth extractions.

2. If recommended, have your petís teeth and gums cleaned by a professional!

3. Preventive home care will extend the time between dental prophylaxis and we have lots of options to make it easy!

Need more information? If you visit our websiteís Pet Tips page, you will find a 4 part YouTube series on dental prophylaxis which includes filming an actual procedure on Cruiser, the bouvier. There is also a great description of exactly what we do including the precautions we take during a dental prophy on the services page of our website under ďDental CareĒ as well as printable information related to evaluating your petís teeth and home dental care for your pet. Lastly, you will find some amazing offers and discounts on our ďCouponsĒ page.

Manchester West Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Manchester West Veterinary Hospital is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Our hospital first opened in the K-Mart plaza strip shopping mall in Ellisville back in 1993, and we then moved to our current location on Truman Road in 1999. Doctor David Roberts has seen many improvements in medical care for animnals over the last twenty years. Click here to read a news release we sent to local media about our anniversary.

Manchester West Now Has Therapeutic Laser!

Therapeutic Laser

Our Class IV Therapeutic laser is a non-invasive procedure used to speed the healing process and treat all types of conditions from arthritic joints (hips/knees/elbows/spine) to wounds, hotspots and chronic ear problems. The procedure takes minutes, is pleasant for the pet and involves no injections or oral medications. We have already seen some exciting results such as improved mobility in pets with chronic hip or back pain. We are also using it on our post-surgical patients to speed healing at the incision which reduces the likelihood of the pet licking/chewing at the incision. Call our office for more information. We will be posting success stories on our Facebook page as well!

We've also posted new videos on our You Tube Channel about laser treatments. Here are the links:

Laser Treatment Overview (Part 1)

Laser Treatment for Dogs (Part 2)

Laser Treatment for Cats (Part 3)

K Laser Link

New Videos Posted on You Tube

We've uploaded five new videos to our You Tube Channel you'll want to watch. Along with the three part series on Therapeutic Laser treatments we listed above, we also have new videos on Mange and Scurvy. There are two types of Mange that can affect dogs,cats and other animals. And Scurvy, caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, can cause problems for your pet Guinea Pig. To watch all our videos, go to our You Tube Channel.

To watch our video on Mange, click HERE.

To watch our video on Scurvy, click HERE.

And here's a couple videos video that are perfect for this time of the season - Holiday Dangers for both dogs and cats. Click HERE for holiday dangers facing cats. Click HERE for holiday dangers dogs face.

We'd like to thank you for your support of the Manchester West You Tube Channel. Since we started our video help series "Pet Tips", we've had over 70-thousand views! And our video program has been featured in the book, "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry" by Pam Foster and C.S. Wurzberger.

Do You Have a Stressed or Anxious Cat in Your Family?

Manchester West is partnering with Veterinary Behavior Consultations in a study to alleviate feline stress and anxiety through the use of a prescription diet made by Royal Canin. Symptoms include lack of grooming, little or no playful behavior, hiding, or limited social interaction with humans. Study patients will receive a free physical examination and six months of food for participating. Call our offices for more information.

Feline Stress Study

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Our Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Friday 7:30 am - 6 pm
Wednesday & Thursday 7:30 am - 8 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 3 pm
Morning Drop Offs and Late Pick-Ups

After Hours Emergencies
If your pet requires medical attention after hours, please call our main number at 636-458-9010. The voicemail system will provide instructions on how to reach the doctor on call. In the event of a voicemail system or pager failure, you should contact the Animal Emergency Clinic in Chesterfield Valley at 636-536-4991 or the Animal Emergency Clinic in Kirkwood at 314-822-7600.

Our Location
Manchester West Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located just off Manchester Road (Hwy 100), one mile west of Clarkson Road at 16396 Truman Road, Ellisville, MO 63011.

The Manchester West Veterinary Hospital Our staff provides your pet with diagnostic and treatment options not found at all private clinics. Because of this Progressive Pet Care, our patients receive the best care at reasonable prices.

Serving the cities of Chesterfield, Ellisville, Wildwood, Ballwin, Eureka, St. Albans, Manchester, West County and the greater St. Louis area since 1993.

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