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Canine Influenza Update:

Update on the Situation in Chicago:
A second animal shelter closed its doors this week after one dog was diagnosed with the illness. The Cook County number of known dogs infected with the virus is up to 1700. Fortunately, fatalities are holding at 6.

A test has been developed to detect the H3N2 strain. The announcement came today so there isn’t much information yet on whether it is a good test (ie, accurate, not a lot of false positives or negatives, etc.) or even what the cost will be to clients but if it becomes widely used in veterinary hospitals the numbers we are seeing with regard to where and how many pets are infected with this virus may change radically. According to the company producing the test, results indicate outbreaks in Alabama, California, Texas, New York, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana, in addition to the outbreak in the Chicago area.

Any news on the vaccine?
There is still no evidence that the H3N8 vaccine will or will not protect against the H3N2 strain. Vaccine cross-protection is a common strategy in the influenza prevention battle but it is not guaranteed. The good news is the vaccine has been around several years and does protect against the H3N8 strain which is still around and was seen during this recent outbreak in some infected dogs along with the H3N2 strain.

Fever, nasal discharge, cough, lethargy. The AVMA estimates that 100% of dogs exposed will become infected. About 80% will exhibit symptoms. The incubation period is 2-4 days from exposure to the onset of symptoms and, unfortunately, this incubation period is when the pet is the most contagious.

Local Policy Shift
As of late April, there are several veterinarians and pet care facilities in the St. Louis area that have announced they will require the H3N8 vaccination for boarding, daycare, grooming and training. These include Petropolis, WestInn Kennels, Kennelwood, Williamsburg, Silver Maple Farm, Vet Group of Chesterfield, Veterinary Care Center, Four Paws Animal Hospital and Kirkwood Animal Hospital. These facilities reportedly will require vaccination starting June 1st.

Puppingham Palace, Frolic Inn, Country Acres and No Leash Needed said they are not requiring it at this time but are recommending you consult your pet’s veterinarian. Again, any of these policies could change at any time so if you have boarding reservations for this spring and summer you will want to keep talking to your kennel to ensure that your pet meets any changing requirements. And remember, the vaccine requires a booster 2-4 weeks after the initial inoculation. So plan ahead.

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