At Manchester West, our veterinarians are skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of many different types of cancers including Lymphoma (lymph node cancer) mast cell tumors (skin cancer), sarcoma (bone/liver cancer for example), melanoma (oral cancer), carcinoma (kidney cancer for example), and hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the spleen).

10 Signs of Cancer

Diagnostic procedures can include fine needle aspirate and cell cytology, bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound or even tumor biopsies and off-site tissue evaluation by a board certified oncologist. Once a diagnosis has been made, our doctors will develop an individualized treatment plan that may include a surgical procedure to remove the tumor, or chemotherapy, or both.

At Manchester West, our veterinarians and technicians are well-versed in many chemotherapy protocols including the widely used Wisconsin Madison Protocol for Lymphoma.

We also maintain a close relationship with the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine’s Board Certified Oncologist for guidance or referral.

Not all private veterinary hospitals are capable of chemotherapy as a treatment option for their patients. Our doctors and technicians have training and experience in the administering of chemotherapy drugs, monitoring and aftercare for chemotherapy patients. But, because we are not a specialty practice or a teaching institution, we are able to offer these types of advanced treatment therapies at more affordable prices.

Chemotherapy Treatments

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