Geriatric Medicine


Once your pet has reached the age of 7 years, they are considered a senior because this is typically the age where they can start to develop diseases that, if unchecked, can greatly shorten their life span or at least reduce their quality of life. In addition to the annual or semi-annual wellness exam, and parasitic screening tests, our doctors also recommend the Senior Profile; a comprehensive set of blood and urine tests. These tests are used by your pet’s veterinarian as an early warning signal for conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, precursors for bladder stones, liver disease, thyroid disease, and even certain types of pre-cancerous processes. If these conditions can be diagnosed early, they can often times be managed with something as simple as a diet change. Gone unchecked, they can progress to a point where too much damage has occurred, expensive therapies/medications are needed or an invasive surgery is required. We believe the Senior Profile is the keystone of good health for our aging patients.


At Manchester West, we believe keeping your pet protected against disease is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they age. Older pets are just as susceptible to disease, maybe more so, as younger adult pets. For that reason, the gold standard vaccinations, DHLPP for canine patients and FVRCP for feline patients, are still given on an annual basis. Rabies is required to be boostered only once every three years. Other vaccinations should be considered based on the lifestyle of the pet and risk of exposure.

Arthritis and Pain Management

With all the wonderful improvements in medications and therapies, your pet should not suffer the discomforts of aging. Pets that develop difficulties with movement have numerous options from injectable glucosamines, therapeutic laser treatments, and non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medications. Our goal is to keep your pet moving well into his or her golden years to maintain a healthy exercise regimen and quality of life.

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