We recommend microchipping all of our canine and feline patients. We’ve heard anecdotes about pets escaping their fenced yard right after a bath when their collar was removed, indoor cats who have bolted through an open door, older pets that wandered away from their yard and weren’t able to find their way back and numerous other situations where a microchip would have been extremely helpful. When a lost pet is brought in for possible identification, if it has a microchip and the information in the registry is current, the pet is generally returned to their owner in a matter of a couple of hours. If not, the odds of reuniting that pet and their owner become much worse.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique identification number. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used to “read” the id number using a handheld scanner. The chip is inert (inactivated) unless it is actively being scanned.

The microchip is placed between your pet’s shoulder blades using a specially designed implantation device. At Manchester West, we recommend microchipping during the pet’s spay/neuter procedure as they will already be sedated and won’t feel the implantation. However, your pet does not have to be sedated to be microchipped. Adult dogs easily tolerate implantation without sedation. For small breed dogs, there are local anesthetics available that can be used to make them more comfortable.

At Manchester West, we implant ISO (International Standards Organization) compliant microchips which are readable by nearly all scanning devices and are acceptable for pets travelling internationally. The one-time fee includes the chip, implantation, and lifetime registration. We also complete the registration paperwork with you while you are still here in the building, then we fax it to the registry. Within 24 hours your pet’s registration information will be available for your review online. Some registries do require an annual fee, the one we use does not. Also, some registries have an annual fee if you want additional services so read the fine print before you pay charges over and above your initial payment.

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