We feel our most important role is helping you understand your pet’s health at each stage of his/her life and thanks to advances in veterinary diagnostics, treatment therapies and nutritional strategies, pets are living longer healthier lives.

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Wellness Visits


During your pet’s annual wellness visit, he/she will receive a head to tail examination, vaccinations, and parasite testing. And because early diagnosis is the key to reducing the effects of an illness, the staff at Manchester West developed the Senior Care Profile; a recommended set of diagnostic tests designed to evaluate your senior pet for the onset of age-related conditions.

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Doctor David Roberts preforms surgery

During each surgical procedure, our patients receive the safest anesthesia, intravenous fluids, as well as continuous blood oxygen, CO2, and heart monitoring. Pre-operative blood testing is done in-house prior to surgery in order to provide the doctor with the most accurate and up-to-date information about the pet's health status and ultimately to minimize surgical risk. Patients receive attentive post-operative nursing care by our trained veterinary technicians to ensure each pet wakes safely and comfortably.

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Services - grooming

The canine waiting area has a window into the Central Bark West Pet Styling Spa where you can view your pet's transformation. The grooming facility features a comfortable setting for your pet including separate bathing/drying and styling areas and separate climate control.

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We're located just off Manchester Road (Hwy 100)
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