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Aging Pets

Hi, I am Dr. Mary Stauder at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

I want to talk today about your senior pets.

So many people want to say my pet is 11 years old what are we going to do? But the aging pet is what we do need to spend some extra time and care with our pets.

Simple things like physical exam every year can detect many signs of disease, many early signs that we can address, a simple blood test. Drawing some blood work on our pet can detect any number of problems.

For example, your older pet is slowing down, losing hair, not acting quite right, we check his thyroid level, his thyroid level is low, we can replace with some medication get him back up to running speed.

Simple things like diet change can address many changes in aging whether we’re treat just the geriatric pet, senility problems, cognitive dysfunctions.

Our physical exam can pick up signs of arthritis in our pet, so therefore we want to do some x-rays. Radiographs can show some signs of hip displasia; any form of arthritis. We can pick up any changes in body structure that we can address with medication.

We can help your aging pet age gracefully, improve the quality of life and extend his quality of life. Even to behavior changes can be associated with the older pet.

So if you have any questions we would love to talk to you about it.

The pet that is restless at night, a pet that needs to go out more frequently, these are the signs that we see in our aging pet that we do not want to let go. These are the things that we can address. We want to make your pet happier and healthier.

Thank you.

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