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Arthritis Treatment

Hello, I’m Dr. David Roberts at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

And today we’re going to be talking about part two of our arthritis talk.

We talked about some of the ways to diagnose arthritis, with x-rays, sometimes blood tests. One of the things you have to remember is that most pets literally do not show signs of pain. They might show a limp, the might show a little bit of lethargy, trouble getting up and down steps, in and out of a car, lagging behind on a walk, but the typically do not show crying out types of pain. So please keep that in mind because if you see your pet having any of these other symptoms, it needs to be looked into for an arthritic problem.

So now we’re going to talk a little about the treatment of arthritis.

There are about 3 different things we can use.

The first are all of our drugs that are called Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, so called NSAIDS. These drugs are non-cortisone and what they do is they go in and decrease the inflammation of arthritis in a joint or in a bone. So they are very very good but they don’t always go to the source. And its very important that when you look at those labels, that you never use this particular label. Advil or ibuprofen is very toxic to a canine patient. This small bottle would actually send a 40lb dog into kidney failure. So we want to avoid any of the human drugs, talk to your veterinarian, get an animal approved drug.

So those are great drugs to take care of some of the inflammation if its short term or even if it’s long term. But there are better things out there that can get to the source of the problem.

One of our favorites is this product called Adequan.

Adequan is a glucosimine product. But its very purified, its given by injection. And it goes straight into a muscle group absorbed by the bloodstream and goes to any joint that needs cartilage. It’s a cartilage replacer. It is so much more effective than a human glucosimine product that you would get over the counter from a drug store or a grocery store. So we are very happy with this medication. We’ve been using it for years.

Another drug that we use is called Comfort or Superoxide Dismutase. Big words for an enzyme that goes in and decreases the molecular process of arthritis. This particular medication called SOD has been advocated for human patients and animal patients for everything from infectious problems to arthritis and even including cancer.

So these are some of the newer treatments that we’re using for patients and arthritis. We’re helping them along, we’re helping our older patients stay healthy, stay happier, and be more pain free.

So please consider those when you see your pet having any difficulty.

Ask your veterinarian.

I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital, thank you very much.

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