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Beware of Halloween Candy

Hello. I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital in St. Louis County, Missouri.

With me today is my trick or treat canine friend, Cruiser. Today I’m going to discuss with you the safe types of treats for Cruiser, which would be a cookie made specifically for dogs. The Halloween treats our children bring home are not the safe type of treats we want to give our pets. It is important to know that chocolate is toxic to dogs and we know that it doesn’t take much chocolate to hurt or fatally injure a 20lb dog. I want you to make sure that when the kids come home with their Halloween treats that they need to be kept in a safe place away from your pets reach. Chocolate is not the only danger to your pet. Mints and certain types of gum can also be fatal, as they contain a product called Xylitol. Xylitol is fatal to the kidney and the liver of a dog or a cat. If you ever suspect that your pet has gotten into any candy or gum, you should call your veterinarian, or emergency clinic, immediately. We can induce vomiting and rid these toxins from their system so they won’t be absorbed and cause harm to your pet.

Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids, but it can be tough on the dogs and the cats.

I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary hospital. Thank you!

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