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Cat Love Bites

Hi I’m Linda from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital and today we’re going to talk about cat love bites and why cats bite you.

There are certain reasons why cats bite you.

They can do anything from being afraid, angry, aggressive, stressed out, and even being playful. Even over-stimulating from playing with your cat can cause your cat to bite you.

As well as feline courtship with other cats, they do like to bite each other.

Some of the things we like to talk about is what is pet-induced aggression and what are some of the warnings. And here on the clipboard, by the way I have my cat, Patchy here with us today. He’s being really shy and coy because he is a little scared of people around him that he’s not familiar with, but I want to go over the pet-induced warning signs.

Some of the tail-slashing and thumping of the tail, skin rippling, growling and the sensation of purring, ear flickering or rotation of the ear sideways and they almost look like they go backwards, shifting of body position, touching bellies, chest, and high limbs can make them be very sensitive in those areas and I’ll try to show signs that they are not comfortable with that.

Some of the things you can do with your kitties to try to get them to stop biting you is basically cats have a toleration time when to be petted.

Play with the cat, the idea is to stop unwanted biting when playing with the cat, a few minutes twice a day.

Sometimes cats love to play with string. Look what we have here but I think Patchy is a little stressed today. He’s looking at it but he doesn’t want to play with it right now, but if he was in a comfortable environment he’d be chasing that.

Other things, when you have toys like string like that, always out them away when you’re done playing with them so they don’t try to swallow them because some cats will try to chew up their toys.

If a cat tries to bite you, definitely say, “No. Ouch,” and walk away from the cat so the cat knows that I did something wrong and I need to stop that.

The other things you can look for is your cat is trying to lead warning signs.

Maybe if you play with your cat for five minutes and he tries to bite you only play with him for three minutes and then stop playing him so he understands that he has a time tolerance. Praise and reward your cat with treats. Blow in his face if he tries to bite you. That’s one of the other things you can do and maybe also introducing a second cat into the household to help him play with the other cat so he’s not so much going to you to try to play and get aggressive.

Some of the things you can get at home are your cat trees. They love to climb up and down the cat trees. Get a window perch to put in the windows so they can watch the birds outside. So you always have to think of the cat’s side of life and wanting to keep active and playing with items in the house, so he’s not so bored.

So when you come home from work he just wants to get your attention and he might try to bite you because of that.

So when you have a sudden change of behavior with the kitty cat you probably need to address that with your veterinarian because that can be a problem with the kitty’s internal organs or something is causing pain and discomfort. A lot of times cats are prone to hide their feelings or pain so they don’t show that they’re hurting or uncomfortable.

The other thing you need to look for is to make sure that your kitty at all times is being as playful and comfortable as can be and putting out a lot of attention. If I get this cat too aggravated, he will try to bite me but he knows that I will not let him do that and I will say no him and he will stop. My husband, on the other hand, does not do that and this cat will bite him but won’t bite me, but that’s just the way of training your kitty.

Also if you’re persistent on training your kitty, after time the cat will learn from you being persistent and will stop the biting.

Thank you very much!

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