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Dog Grooming

Alright, this is Milk Dud.

We are going to show you some prepping tips for Milk Dud before we start actually grooming him today.

The first thing I usually like to do is do the nail trims. So, I’m going to try to clip his nails. We just like to clip their nails so that when they go back in the kennel they don’t catch their toenails on anything.

The second thing we are going to do is pull the ear hair out of their ears. To prevent usually any kind of ear infection, like so.

The next thing we are going to do is clean out the ears with our Epi Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner.

Usually if they have any black discharge or anything, we will let the veterinarian take a look at that, make sure they don’t have an ear infection.

Next step is to make sure they don’t have any matting before I bathe them. Usually he’s pretty good. Usually I’ll just scoop his eyes out real good before the bath. Like that.

And then I like to just check their sanitary as well. Take a little bit of length off of him, and the length that the owner would like.

Now we’re going to give Milk Dud a bath. We like to keep this around them just in case they try to jump out of the tub. They are sturdy. They can’t get out. We like to express their anal glands if they are full. Usually the dog will show you if it bothers them so we like to express them.

If they’re full and they’re thick, we’d like the veterinarian to look at them.

Milk Dud usually just gets the regular hypoallergenic shampoo which is in this tube right here. You want to turn your water make sure it’s lukewarm so that it doesn’t burn their skin. I’m going to wet him down. Turn the pressure on softer for their face. You don’t want it to directly go in their eyes. Kind of just roll down their face. We’ll take our shampoo, and this is good for their face as well, because it’s hypoallergenic.

Usually, if they have anything in their beard, I like to just comb that out. We’ll rinse him. Turn on higher pressure for the body. Make sure you wash them really really well so that they don’t get any kind of skin issues and have to come back to the vet to get their skin looked at.

They’ll usually shake a lot. We’ll grab a towel. Dry him off really good. Dry off their ears. And then we will just take the blow dryer to them and let them dry. We’ll put Milk Dud back in the cage. Here buddy. Then I’ll get a fan on him and he’ll dry.

Now we’ve brought Milk Dud back in after he’s all dry and clean. And now we’re going to brush him out. Get him all fluffy and get him his haircut. And we like to back brush so we can get the hair nice and fluffy, and unstraight..Or get it straight.

Alright, now we’ll go ahead and start taking some length off of him.

A good hint is, you know, to have your dog brushed out really really well because usually the blade or the comb cut usually goes through. Now we’ll take our fine tooth comb and we’ll just brush through. Make sure we got everything so that it’s even on the outside. And we’ll start trimming him up. Making him look even, basically an outline because you’ve done everything else with the blade.

I want to go over everything after, make sure he’s very well combed out.

Sometimes they shake a lot, while you trim some things. Just going to get the excess hair off, and then when we are all finished we spray them with a finishing spray. Which is just slicker and its conditioning, and actually it’s a detangler too. Got a good smell to it.

Then we give him a nice bandana, which are right over here. Let’s use blue for Milk Dud. We want the bandana kind of loose. It’s like a collar, we want to be able to fit two fingers under it. We can always usually see something when they shake.

And there you go.

There’s Milk Dud for ya.

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