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Hello, I'm Doctor David Roberts from Manchester West Vet Hospital. And I'm here with Cruiser, my little Christmas Elf. And we're going to talk to you about some of the ways to have your happy holidays and keep them healthy. We're going to go over some of the Christmas perils that we worry about with our pets and especially with our dogs. The first two are plants.

We have a poinsettia and the leaves of a poinsettia can actually create an upset stomach with our dogs. So we want to keep these up high not on the floor; away from where a dog can actually eat them.

The worst one, however, is mistletoe. And mistletoe – all parts of this plant can be toxic. And they can actually cause kidney failure. So we want to make sure that this is up on the ceiling where it needs to be.

The second thing we look at is our Christmas tree. And of course that’s the thing that we all cherish much. But remember, electrical cords and the lights that are supplied by that, that are on your tree, can actually be a problem from two reasons; one, sometimes dogs will eat these. Other times when it’s on, plugged in and actually active, of course these pets can get shocked. And it creates a lot of oral trauma.

The other thing on our tree, of course, is ornaments. And what these are is these look like little balls, little toy balls to your dog. Of course they’re glass. Sometimes these dogs will actually eat these and we will have to go in and surgically remove these from patients.

The same thing with tinsel. Great, looks beautiful on the tree but what we worry about again is our pets eating this and having it get obstructed in their intestinal track.

When we start look at presents under the tree we worry about two things. One is ribbon and bows are really a problem. This is probably our worst peril for dogs, even cats, because if they eat this in a linear form, it will start to get obstructed in their intestinal tract. The other thing I worry about is candy or food items under the tree. If you have candy wrapped, or fruit cake wrapped, your dog will sniff it out and they will find it and they will open that present for you, and they will eat it.

The last thing in the kitchen is we worry about chocolate. We refer back to our Halloween and our Thanksgiving videos – we talked about how chocolate can be a big problem for pets. During the Christmas holidays it’s even worse because this is baking chocolate. Baking chocolate is about four times more concentrated in the product that is toxic to our dogs and cats.

So for this holiday season let’s keep it happy but keep it healthy and keep all of these things away from your pet and keep an eye on your pet. Well, thank you very much. I’m Doctor David Roberts from the Manchester West Veterinary Hospital wishing everyone a very happy holiday. If you have any questions about any of these things please don’t hesitate to call our hospital. Thank you and again happy holidays!

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