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Golf Balls and Other Perils

Hi, my name is Dr. Mary Stauder at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital. Here we are at the surgical center to talk about intestinal or gastric foreign bodies.

These are things are pets have eaten that are not digestible; they can cause obstruction, and can get very sick pets. We just want to make you a where what your pets are playing with around the house, and what these crazy critters can eat.

For example, here we have a cat that is lying on his back and on his side; we can see some metal pieces. This turned out to be 12 hair rubber bands; the little metal chips are the two hooking the bands together. This cause quite a problem for this kitty.

On this patient, we have a safety pin; it’s crazy how these pets will eat almost anything.

Some another examples, this is a small dog out for a walk, a few days later not feeling well. If you could see, you got a hickory nut that is obstructing his intestines. This would involve major surgery and quite a bit of recovery time but the pet has done very well.

Another example coming up. This is a sewing needle; this is the head of the dog here. The sewing needle is lodged in his throat; that too required surgery.

Let’s see… and yet another example, various things found around the house, this is a larger dog that had quite a problem of getting into cabinets and laundry baskets. Doesn’t show up really well but this is plastic, a large piece of a breathing unit the owner had in the house; a rather expensive surgical problem there.

And then our classic, what does a dog play with? This dog was a large dog and it played with golf balls, the owner thought “Wow, this dog hides the golf balls so well that he must be eating them”. We removed 33 golf balls; luckily this pet is now only playing with footballs.

So now in other words let’s be careful about what our dogs play with, watch what they are getting into around the house, and we hope we can prevent a few problems.

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