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Kitten Play

Alright when we’re talking about playing with kittens we want to use a variety of toys.

We need to stimulate them physically as well as mentally.

And this little kitten here, little Annie, she is going nuts for our puzzle play. She loves it, it is also a mental challenge for her as well as physical exercise.

This is also a good example of how to get her to wrestle play instead of wrestling with your hands and letting her bite your fingers.

Having something like this she can play herself, learn independence, as well as go crazy on it and not be so stressed because “I’m playing on here.”

I don’t want to interrupt here but we do have a variety of other toys here.

Rolly toys, any dangling toys, here is a crinkly tunnel for her to climb in.

And alternate these toys, bring one in for a week, change them out, rotate toys, challenge here with new things.

She is very easy to play with, and some cats you will find like the toys that run on the floor and other cats like air bound toys, bird like toys that are up in the air.

See you will find that your cat actually does have a preference.

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