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Kitten and Cat Exams

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Stauder at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

I want to talk today about why we need to bring our kittens and cats into our hospital for exams.

When they’re young and cute like this it is pretty obvious that we need to get you started on healthcare and vaccines, and even on the old account we’ve had videos on vaccines and what to do when your cat has a disease or problem, how to treat them.

But, in reality, why do we want to bring a healthy, apparently healthy, cat into the hospital? And if you think about cats, think of the age fifteen to twenty years, so it might not be exactly the seven years to one human year etc. etc. But, they do age quickly, they do age rapidly and changes can occur very quickly.

So, our goal, really, on our annual exam is the physical exam; checking these guys out. Looking at their eyes, their ears, changes in heart rate, changes in appearance, body condition, coat.

Everything can give us clues about the general health and well-being.

Diseases often progress very silently and cats, they are the masters of hiding disease states.

So, a cat that’s getting a little old, or maybe its middle aged, and is just maybe hiding a little more, sleeping a little more, eating a little less; is it age or are they really hiding something?

Those can be the first signs of many disease; changes in appetite, changes in water intake can all be clues, and these are the things we need to look for to follow up on.

Vomiting, as a rule, as I joke about it, is a sign of every disease in kitty cats.

So when do we know when it’s serious and when it’s not? That’s when you come in for the exam, we can talk about these things. It’s our goal standard for evaluating the health, we can just get so much information. All of the clues are there, we just have to find them. Then we can discuss these things with you.

Is the weekly vomiting in the dining room normal, or can we adjust it with diet? Is it a sign of a bowel disease? Are they drinking more water than usual? We don’t have to wait until they are flooding the litter box and drinking a whole bowl of water, before we bring them in to start treating the diabetes.

It can be a whole lot easier to start treating the diabetes when they’re young. Do we have an aggressive player? How do we deal with this? How do we discuss that?

Those are the things we love to talk to you about with your cats.

We find this out through the physical exam every year.

So, be proactive, bring your pet in for her annual physical and let us help you out, and keep her quality of life as good as we can for as long as we can.

Thank you, my name is Dr. Mary Stauder at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

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