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Meet Tortise the Tortise

So here we see our tortoise eating his kale, one of his favorite foods.

I do try to give him a variety, but he always comes down to that.

When I said, I let him walk around the house, we do have a limited area that he has access to.

On the deck I have secured it so that he can’t escape, and I’ll put his foods out there. And this type of tortoise likes to really get moving, and pace, they even say. And he walks the circles of the deck, and so I spread his food out so he can forage around as if he was in nature.

Try the best, to try and reproduce as much as we can.

I also supplement his diet with a cuttlebone.

I’ve got one in his enclosure that he naws on to get a little extra calcium.

And as you can see, he’s doing pretty good now.

We have to realize this is another instance of doing research ahead of time.

This is a spurred-leg tortoise in the sulcata family and he can live 60 to 100 years and can get to be quite large. He’s second in his only to the Galapagos turtles.

So I think he’s going to be my reason to retire to a warm environment, where I can build him a beautiful outside garden enclosure.

Thank you.

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