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Microchip Your Pet

Hi I’m Dr. Mary Stauder, Manchester West Veterinary Hospital, and I just want to talk briefly about microchipping your pet.

Microchips are an identification system that can help us find lost pets and has worked very nicely to return a lot of pets to their home.

So we start with…this is Chachi, he’s helping us out today.

A microchip is literally…and I’ve lost it in his hair here…is literally a very very small microchip. Here’s my example. That shows its size right there and we have a universal scanner. So it will pick up a variety of chips, and we pass the chip scanner right over the shoulder area that’s where the chips are embedded. That’s the universal location and it comes up with a number. This number is uniquely Chachi’s and you can search it online.

The American Animal Hospital Association has a chip identification website.

Like for us, if a person brought in a dog like this we’d scan them.

You can put that number into the computer. It will tell us what kind of chip it is. Then we can go to that registry.

There are a variety of chips out there, and when checking into chips make sure that you do get one that is recognized across the United States at least.

We use an AKC registered chip, the AKC program.

So after you purchase the chip and it’s planted in your dog, there is a registration form that we’ll help you fill out, and it’s done online. And this will register you and your pet in a national register. So no matter where he might get lost, the chip number will be linked to you.

A number of pets come from the humane societies and APAs and rescue organizations with a chip already implanted.

You should be sure and take that chip number and register it with you.

Sometimes, it’s often registered with the organization that did the rescuing, but you want to make sure that it’s transferred to you.

So as far as implanting the chip, it just comes with in a simple syringe.

I’m not obviously going to do one today for him. But it does come with a tag for you to place on your pet.

The bar codes are for the record keeping. And then the syringe…if I can even open it up here…inject it just like giving a patient one of their vaccines. The chip is inside the needle portion, and it’s placed right between the shoulder blades.

Like I said that is the universal location for dogs. Birds, horses, and other pets have other locales that have a registry as well.

So the microchip is an invaluable way to return your pet to you should he or she get lost.

Thank you very much. Dr. Mary Stauder at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

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