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Moving Your Cat to a New Home

Hello! I’m David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital and today’s topic is going to be moving from one home to another home with a cat.

Cats are a little different than dogs and have a lot of different issues.

Cats are very much creatures of habit. They don’t like to move. They don’t like to go to the vet. They don’t even like to go to the groomer. They don’t like to go in the car, so what we’re going to talk about is ways to make things a little less stress free.

So, the first thing we do is we start to act as if we’re moving before we even get to that process.

We’ll use our carrier and we’ll actually put treats in there so the cat sort of gets used to the carrier. You can even put the bed in there and that makes them more comfortable.

We like to have lots of toys and animated things for our cats to get sort of used to it. I’m even a big fan, and I have moved with a cat, where we got the boxes out. We actually had them out and Beau, our cat, would crawl in to them to make him more comfortable.

We worry about moving with cats for about three reasons: one, they can start house-soiling. They will be stressed out. They will be house-soiling in the house.

The second one is we worry about aggression, and that has happened, but the worst case scenario is the cat decides it’s going to run out the door and try to run back to its old house.

So you have to make sure when you move into your new house that you have a set up room that may be a powder room or bathroom or a master bathroom, perhaps a spare bedroom, to have the kitty’s litter pan, all of the belongings that they need - their litter pan, food, their water – everything that need in a set place and have them confined in there.

Make sure that if you have children, that the children do not open the door and let the kitty out because that is a plan for escape for any kind of cat.

The other thing we like to do is we want to make sure that we have plenty of your own objects, so something that smells like you. I brought the St. Louis Blues jacket because we’re in the playoffs so that’s always good, but anything that smells like you will make them more comfortable in their environment.

Again, settling into a new home is an easy enough thing to do, but with cats, they can get a little stressed over it, so think about it from a kitty’s stand point and they need to be confined and kept in certain area and made sure that you are not allowing them any kind of harm.

So, those are the take-home pearls.

Again, the carrier.

There are other things that we use.

There are medications have been utilized and there is even a spray called Feliway which we love. It is a feline-pheromone or a hormone that they can smell and that actually would sometimes make it a little easier, but the most is don’t let them get hurt and don’t let them get out of the door and runaway and it certainly has happened.

So I am Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you for tuning in!

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