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Hello, my name is Dr. David Roberts. I’m here to talk to you a little bit today about obesity.

It is something that can become a sore subject in our country.

But one of the things we wanna talk about is how it is very important with animals. Whether it be a dog or a cat and that is what we are taking care of today.

We talk about obesity because we see about 50-60% of all of our patients that are overweight. And that is a huge percentage just like it is in human medicine.

When I look at Cruiser down here, and he is laying here all nice and slim. We actually have to tell clients that we work with him a lot. We actually have to make sure that he exercises. We take him for walks on a daily basis. We actually have to make sure that he has the right food, and we want to make sure that he is actually as slim as we can get.

One of the things we worry about with dogs and cats with obesity is all of the different situations such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis which is a big one, especially for a large breed dog like Cruiser, and also cancer.

People don’t realize that cancer actually is related to being overweight. So that is something that is something that we always try to manufacture or try to make sure that we are keeping track of these pets as far as their weight goes. When we see a pet that’s overweight there’s usually about three reasons for that.

One is free feeding; giving the pet free food, letting them eat as needed.

I don’t think that that’s right, most veterinarians don’t, most doctors don’t. We need to actually monitor that.

The second thing is high fat foods, and there is so many of them out there that it’s something that we always have to battle with.

And the third thing is treats. We all want to reward our pets. We want to give them treats. We want to allow them to have free reign of eating something and getting a reward. But, those things are actually pretty detrimental to these pets.

So we start to look at, how do we reduce the diet, the caloric intake on our patients? What we do is we do one: we use certain foods such as r/d. It is the lowest calorie food on the market. It has so few calories. It is very high in fiber, that it actually starts to cut down some of the weight.

The second thing is we don’t free feed them. We measure these foods. We use measuring cups. We figure out…we will tell you what you need to feed in a daily basis, and you feed exactly that, and actually no more.

The third thing is cut out the treats. If you want to use treats, one of my best strategies are using green beans, carrots, using things that are high in fiber, low in calories. But what they’ll do is actually start to decrease the caloric intake for your pet, for your patient, for my patient, and it will certainly start to make them lose a little bit of that weight.

Of course, the other thing is get out there yourself. Get them exercising. Get yourself exercising, and you will find out that these pets will actually be doing much much better.

My name is Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you very much.

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