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Puppy Socialization

Hi! I’m Dr. Mary Stauder from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital and today I’m talking about early puppy training.

I’m talking about those first few weeks when you bring home this adorable little puppy and the bonding begins.

So much can happen in the early few weeks, there is a window of socialization that is open to puppies up to 12 weeks of age.

During that time behaviors and exposures can make the biggest imprint on our pups.

So what do we want to do?

Just some nice fun play and gentle handling, start with looking in their ears. You want to find out what’s normal get them used to the idea that people can look in their ears, checking eyes, playing with toes. Getting use to the idea that someone might be cutting their nail someday. You want to touch them all over in a gentle friendly fun way. So they learn your warm touch and the sound of your voice. Lots of verbal praise when they do things right, just plenty of praise. Flipping them over, holding them like a baby.

Little Tallulah resists a little bit but she settles right in it shows her that this is a warm loving relationship.

Just like any young child in your home, you don’t want to let them run loose they need to have some degree of limits, confinement in the house and be watched. Any more than you would let your toddler run loose you need to pay attention to the little puppies.

Outside puppies should always be on a leash and controlled so when they do what they are supposed to do they get lots of verbal praise. At this point we don’t want to use a lot of food treats just lots of verbal praise.

So again you start with teaching them to have their teeth brushed, get in their mouth even with a small piece of gauze get in their and play with their teeth getting them used to the idea that someone can be in their mouth without is being a scary experience.

So early training with a puppy can create a warm, strong relationship and lead to good training further on down the road.

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