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Removing a Fish Hook

We are here with Autumn who has unfortunately found a fishing line with a fish hook on a dock in a lake near our area. So what we are going to have to do is give her a light sedation and we are going to go into her mouth and remove the fish hook. So what we do is we give her a little bit of a sedative, give her about 2/3 of what I think she needs and we’ll see how it goes. But with her moving her tongue there’s no way to actually get that hook out without having her fairly immobilized.

So what we are going to do is go ahead and get Patty over here to get the instruments, we are going to lay her on her side. Here you can see the fish hook stuck in there, so what we are going to do. As you can see she has a lot of swelling on her jaw there. We are going to go ahead and see if I can’t back it out, but I may not be able to. Because it has a barb on it, we don’t want to pull it backwards. So we are going to go ahead and cut the barb off, and then we are going to go ahead and back it out. (Orthopedic scissors). So now what we can easily do is back that out, there’s no sharp edge on it, and we got the hook out! Then we will go ahead and get her on some antibiotics but everything will be fine inside of there (her mouth). The owner of the dog was able to remove the line that was attached to it, but it broke off right there at the lure itself and the hook. So everything else looks really good. So Autumn you’re gonna be a star and you’re gonna be all fixed. She’ll get some antibiotics, a little something for the uncomfortableness in there for the pain. And she will be all set!

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