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Hello! I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital here in Ellisville, Missouri and I’m here to talk about senior care or wellness programs.

Just like when you or I go to the doctor we will always be giving a blood sample and we be talking a little bit about what we look for in our patients both dogs and cats.

Cruiser here is 11 years old and he looks pretty good for a big dog at 11 years of age.

He has nice clear eyes, he’s got really nice clean teeth, I can listen to his heart with my stethoscope and I can find out a lot about him by giving him a physical exam.

Sometimes we would like to do some further advance types of testing.

One is and we don’t do this as often but we will go ahead and take an x-ray or radiographs looking at things like the size of the liver, the size of the kidneys, seeing if the stomach is normal. Everything is fine with that we did those x-rays a couple of months ago.

But the thing that we do that can help us more than anything is running blood tests.

It takes very little we just get 2 small tubes of blood. It’s very little blood, it is very little uncomfortable ness for the patient, they usually do fine with that.

What we start looking for are the big 5 diseases, and those are diabetes, kidney problems, we have a model right here that shows a nice normal shaped kidney like his is and we look at shrunken down scared kidney, liver disease, increase thyroid in our kitty cat patients or decrease thyroid in our canine patients, which cruiser has.

A blood panel can tell us so much about what’s happening inside the body, it’s like a window to the inside of these pets body to tell us how things are functioning.

The other thing that we tell clients are finding these diseases earlier allows us to treat these patients more effectually.

With kidney problems we just use dietary changes same with liver disease.

With diabetes we do have to use insulin, but most of the pets do great with the injections. With increase thyroid we have medications for that and with decrease thyroid in the canine patient we have a medication that just simply replaces the hormone that for instance cruiser isn’t producing.

When we look at senior care or senior wellness programs, running a blood panel is probably the single best test that we can recommend. It not only allows us to diagnose these conditions earlier but treat them more effectively but it also saves clients money in the long run in all honesty.

I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you very much!

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