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Teeth Cleaning Part 1

Hello, my name is Dr. David Roberts of Manchester West Veterinary Hospital.

We are here today to talk to you a little bit about the reasons why we perform dental prophylaxis or teeth cleaning in pets. What we have here today is Cruiser who had his teeth cleaned and you’re going to see it on part 3 of our video. But your can see his teeth have a little bit of brown staining, but there is no tartar what so ever on those. And the reason for that is not necessarily to make him movie star pretty, we are actually trying to prevent disease.

It has been shown over and over and over in multiple journal articles that tarter on the teeth harbors bacteria, and that bacteria on the teeth actually causes problems with organs systems.

Here we show a normal heart that is normal size. This is a heart that is actually enlarged, and the reason being is that this little area here is the mitral valve, which people have heard about, and bacteria gets on the mitral valve and creates damage to that valve. That bacteria comes from bacteria that gets in the teeth, getting into the gum line and going into the blood stream and floating to these organs.

The other organ we worry about quite offen is kidneys. If we look at all our patient’s weather dog or cat that has kidney disease this being a normal kidney, and this being a shrunken diseased kidney. Nine times out of ten, this has not happened because of cancer or something like that, it’s because of bacteria again coming from the teeth. That is the most important take home part.

The third organ that is actually that is something that will be diseased is the liver. It’s probably not as common, but again but bacteria floating in the blood stream creates a problem because it will damage these internal organs, whether it is a heart value, the kidney itself or the liver, it becomes a problem.

So when we look a Cruiser and we come around and we say gosh we want to make sure that we get his teeth all nice and clean and everything, it for more then just making him pearly white. It’s to decrease the amount of bacteria in the mouth and that’s going to the system which would be the heart, liver and kidneys.

I’m Dr David Roberts from Manchester West Vet Hospital and we will talk to you a little more on how we perform a dental prophylaxis.

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