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Teeth Cleaning Part 2

Hello again, I’m Dr. David Roberts and I am from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital, here with Cruiser where we are going to do a mock up on what we do with our patients to make sure we ensure their safety during a dental prophylaxis.

Because during a teeth cleaning our patients need to be sedated. If you talk to a groomer or other veterinary that says don’t need to be sedated for this type of procedure, it is wrong. They need to be sedated for us to do it properly and it’s not because their bad or indifferent, it’s because they need to be immobile.

So what we do first is we will start Cruiser off with some IV fluids. What IV fluids do is help flush out his kidney and liver, which is some of his concerns with sedation and they also get his blood pressure up. So he has a little IV in here and he will be getting fluids before, during and after the procedure.

Second thing we do is check a blood test, we will actually draw a blood sample just like your doctor does we will get tubes of blood and we will go ahead a run them in our lab, and we will be looking at concern things that reflect white blood cells counts, red blood cell counts, they will actually be looking at kidney function, liver function, protein levels, blood glucose levels which satisfies our diabetic patients. So those are things that we use before we sedate these pets.

Once the pets are sedated it is important to know that yes they are going to have breathing tube, that will be down their throat witch will allow them to breathe oxygen, pure oxygen. At our clinic we use many different monitoring devices. One is this, it is called a capnograph. Capnograph actually measures how much CO2 he is putting out through this little monitor that is hooked up to his breathing tube. We will actually have that down his throat and tied in and we will be measuring CO2 production, it allows us to tell if he’s breathing or not. It’s very, very sensitive; this is state of the art, what they use in a human hospital.

Of course we will have the other monitors, this is an electrocardiogram. It will have different leads here that we hook up to his legs and it will allow us to hear his heartbeat, allow us to tell if he has an abnormal heart rate or rhythm, and rhythm is being the most important part.

So during a teeth cleaning, it’s not just a teeth cleaning, we like to tell people that it is a dental prophylaxis, and it is very important and it is important to do it correctly, it is also important to do it by the book. So when we clean Cruiser teeth in our 3rd episode, which you will see later on, you will see that’s exactly how we do the whole process.

I’m Dr. David Roberts with Manchester West Vet Hospital Thanks for tuning in.

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