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Teeth Cleaning Part 3

Hello I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Vet Hospital and we’re here with Cruzer today. He’s in a little bit more of a subdued state than he usually is. He’s on live anesthesia. He’s receiving IV fluids right now. He’s on a light dose of gas anesthesia. He’s being monitored by an electric cardiogram here in the background. And he’s monitored with a capnograph which measures his carbon dioxide to make sure he has no problems. We’re going to show you today how we actually perform a dental prophylaxis.

I’m going to choose one tooth on Cruzer because it’s the one that has the most tartar on it.

There are about six different stages.

The first one is where we come in and we’ll go ahead and take the extraction forceps and we’ll start knocking off this tartar just by adding a little pressure and letting it slide down the tooth there.

The second thing we use an ultrasonic scaler which is what a human dentist uses all the time. So we’ll go ahead and start removing more of the tartar with this to get more of this tartar off and make that tooth perfectly clean. Then what we will do after that, and this is the most important part of all of this, so we’ll actually go under the gum line to make sure we have the other tartar that is most important, and that is going up in here in the pocket. See we get a little bit of bleeding. That’s normal just like when you wash your teeth you get a little bit of bleeding.

At that stage we will go ahead and do a polishing. A polishing will go through and allow us to get rid of all the – just like your human hygienist does. We will go ahead and polish that tooth. We’ll make sure it’s nice and smooth and that there’s not more tartar that’s not going to build up.

And the last thing we do is we dry all the teeth very well. I’m just doing it with one tooth. We actually use a seal-it which is just like they use on children. We’ll just put some seal-it on there which you can barely see. We’ll rub it in and then we’ll allow Cruzer to wake up and he’ll be as good as new as far as his teeth go.

That’s how we do a dental prophylaxis professionally and it’s good to know that we take all those steps, just like a human hygienist would do, and it will make sure that their teeth are healthy and make sure that he keeps those for the rest of his life.

Thank you very much! I’m Dr. David Roberts from Manchester West Vet Hospital.

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