Wellness Visits

Each year your pet should receive a thorough examination including an intestinal parasite exam and heartworm test for our canine patients. Your pet’s annual wellness visit is the key to a long and healthy life and at Manchester West these visits are tailored to meet their healthcare needs at every stage.

Puppy and Kitten Visits

For our youngest patients, their vaccination schedule dictates a visit every three weeks until they reach four months of age. We include an examination with each of these visits. Why? Because as these pets develop through this critical phase, many questions arise regarding housebreaking, behavior, training, diet, physical development, and enrichment. We want our clients to have the time to ask questions and review all the information available with their pet’s veterinarian. In addition to the time spent with the doctor, our website has numerous YouTubes to help you review the information you received during your visit. At Manchester West we feel it is critical that we help you welcome this new family member not only into your household but into your lifestyle.

For more information please visit the Pet Tips page for a list of YouTubes and click on the appropriate link to see our A+ Puppy and Kitten information sheets.

Stress Free Feline Visits

At Manchester West Veterinary Hospital we want your feline pet to be as comfortable as possible during their annual wellness visit. We have a separate feline waiting area with easy access to the reception counter for check-in. Our feline exam rooms are located away from any canine wards or the treatment area so it is quieter. The rooms are smaller and cozier with non-metallic examination tables. These rooms are reserved for feline patients only and we utilize a pheromone room spray for our especially nervous patients. Our doctors and technicians are well trained in handling cats to ensure they remain as stress free as possible. They realize each pet is different and they accommodate that pet’s needs whether it is taking the top off a carrier and allowing the pet to remain in the bottom half during the exam or even letting them lay in the exam room sink if that is where they are most comfortable!

Senior Pets

Once your pet has reached the age of 7 years, they are considered a senior because this is typically the age where they can start to develop diseases that, if unchecked, can greatly shorten their life span or at least reduce their quality of life. In addition to the annual or semi-annual wellness exam, and parasitic screening tests, our doctors also recommend the Senior Profile; a comprehensive set of blood and urine tests. These tests are used by your pet’s veterinarian as an early warning signal for conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, precursors for bladder stones, liver disease, thyroid disease, and even certain types of pre-cancerous processes. If these conditions can be diagnosed early, they can often times be managed with something as simple as a diet change. Gone unchecked, they can progress to a point where too much damage has occurred, expensive therapies/medications are needed or an invasive surgery is required. We believe the Senior Profile is the keystone of good health for our aging patients.

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